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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Gift Wrapping

I was wondering how to pack my scarf. It was for my mom, and I remember her saying she liked when gifts were well packed. It gave her fairy tales.
 So I was sitting in my bed wondering what I was going to do with all those things that I bought and that weren't good for packing. I went in our storeroom and founded an empty Nesquick box. My dad left it there I guess. He wanted to put nails and screws in it. Anyway, I dressed it. I only needed a good glue, and some Christmas wrapping paper. I did the same with other empty boxes (that I had empy myself I should say) like cereals, or old mp3 boxes, it depends on the side of your gift. 
I was so excited to put it under the tree! 

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Newsprint Frame

This frame is so easy to do! 
I know it's an old type newsprint paper. But you can replace it by whatever you like. You just write a favorite quote or some inspirational thought and there you have it :) I also love the reverse effect. That is to say, you stick letters on the journal paper, you write your phrase (you can make your own letters and glue them but not very tough because you'll have to take them off). You paint the whole frame in the color that fits your room the most perfectly. Once dry, you unstick the letters and the newsprint will appear with your favorite quote. Sure you can chose the color you want, it depends if you want them to catch the eye or simply put a touch of life on your wall! 


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